Depression Glass Whiskey Tumblers

Despondency glass bourbon tumblers were made by twelve different glass organizations. Of the most well known one hundred fifty sorrow glass designs, something like 25 had despondency glass bourbon tumblers in their assortment. The Hawking Glass Organization (later called the Anchor-Pawning Glass Organization) was the most productive – with eight distinct examples. The Magnificent Glass Organization, the Hazel-Map book Glass Organization, and the Paden City Glass Organization each had three unique examples.

Bourbon tumblers range in range 수원셔츠룸추천 from one and three-quarter crawls to three inches tall and for the most part hold from one to two ounces of alcohol. The fundamental shape is round and they don’t have stems or are footed. Gem was the most well known, for certain examples adding shaded manages. Green and pink glass were second and third in prevalence. In any case, a full rainbow of varieties can be seen as going from golden to red to blue to cobalt to amethyst.

Two examples, Block Optic and Moondrops, had more than one size of bourbon tumbler. The Block Optic example had one and two ounce sizes, which were both made in the tones pink and green. The Moondrops design had three distinct bourbon tumblers: a customary two ounce tumbler, a took care of two ounce tumbler, and a twofold shot tumbler. Albeit blue and red were the essential tones, different varieties were made also.

Despite the fact that forbiddance was active in the US from 1920 to 1933, misery glass bourbon tumblers were being made and sold. In spite of the fact that it is hard to decide with definite assurance, design creation dates would show that about half were fabricated during the preclusion years. By and large, the downturn glass designs that were made in numerous varieties are a lot more straightforward to track down today. A portion of the examples that are more troublesome find and in this manner order greater costs are: Mayfair Open Rose, Peacock and Wild Rose, Moondrops twofold shot, Springtime, American Trailblazer, and Ardith.

One example, Mayfair Open Rose, by the Selling Glass Organization has been recreated. To tell a unique from a proliferation, check out cautiously at the lower part of the rose stem. Assuming that it is a unique, the stem ought to be parted. In the event that the stem is straight, it is a proliferation. Utilize this data to assist as you continued looking for gloom with glassing bourbon tumblers.